Package Forwarding


In simple terms to shop at Amazon and ensure you can ship all your items you need to acquire a USA shipping address. At first that may same difficult but by using a USA package forwarding service your can have your cake and eat it to. A package forwarder will receive your product on your behalf from Amazon and forward it on to your Australian address.

Unfortunately some stores do not offer shipping for international customers, because their policy is to ship only to a U.S. address. We have solved that problem but allowing you to get your own US Address..

You can purchase a product in any store and have it shipped to your U.S. address.

This is how it all works.

Setup an Account with a Package Forwarder
Setup an account with a package forwading service like Shipito. Wait for a confirmation from your address provider. They will send you your address via Email. The price of the address and other services start at $8.50 plus postage.

Shop in Any USA Store and Send it to the Package Forwarder
You can now have any product you purchase in the US shipped to your new U.S. address. This is where you get Amazon to deliver your order. The package forwarder will then receive your package, they will notify you by email.  Remember, many stores like Amazon have free shipping to USA Addresses so you are still only paying shipping from USA to Australia..

The Package Forwarder will Send Your Package to You
The package forwarder will calculate postage back to Australia and normally provide you a number of different shipping options. Once you select the shipping method the order is sent to you.

Start shopping at the full store now and sign up for your own USA address at Shipito!

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